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Expert Advice: Love’s Patience

A co-founder of eHarmony shares advice on how to make sure all your children feel loved and cared for.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren

Blending two families in a second marriage is a considerable challenge, but the possibilities are great too.

The first thing a couple in a blended family should ask themselves is, How strong is our relationship? The success of the household will depend on the strength of that relationship.

It is like the hub of a wheel. Do they have a good support network? Do they have friends and family they can turn to for encouragement? Do they have a church or synagogue?

The children, no matter their age, are going to feel insecure, at least at first. It is only natural for them to wonder if they're still important to Mom or Dad. They will need reassurance. A lot of it. As much as you can give.

So what's the number one requirement for a couple in a blended family? Patience.

Think of what it takes a couple without children to come together. Well, then multiply that hard work by the number of children, because each member of the family is going to need support, and it will take time. It is in that time that love will grow.

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