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Finding Peace and Rest

The Holy Spirit is the conduit through which God’s love and grace flow.
Shawnelle's son Isaiah as a baby on his favorite blanket, Mine-O-Mine.

“Did anyone pack my blanket?” Isaiah asks.

We’re in the van, pressed tight, heading for a family day at an amusement park.

“No,” I say.

The chorus chimes in. Five more answer “no.”

“Awww!” he says. “Now I won’t be able to rest.”

Isaiah has a special blanket that is dear to his heart. Its name is Mine-O-Mine, probably because it’s one of the few things in the whole world that belong exclusively to him. Mine-O-Mine has been with Isaiah since the day he was born.

It’s nubby and ruby red. It has stretched and grown over the years (Logan measured it once to confirm our suspicions). It has a weird scent despite frequent washings. It sports a wide, frayed hole where a crocheted giraffe used to be.

And it’s Isaiah’s source of comfort and rest.

When Isaiah is tired or sad, he reaches for Mine-O-Mine. When he’s needing comfort and rest, Mine-O-Mine is there.

In some ways, Isaiah needs Mine-O-Mine in the way that I need God’s Word.

It’s been one of those weeks. Day after day of running wild and hard and fast. A week of commitment and preparation. A week of working through emotional and behavioral issues with my sons. A week of feeling a little tired and pressed thin.

Oh, how I need the rest and comfort of God’s sweet Word!

When I meet the Lord there, heart worn but open, He meets me with truth and strength. He brings encouragement and enlightenment. His power and glory and strength flow straight to my heart, building my spirit strong. There’s refreshment for my dry places. A shoring of the spirit. The Holy Spirit is the conduit through which God’s love and grace flow.

The Word is my source of peace.

“Well,” Isaiah says from the backseat. “I’ll miss Mine-O-Mine.”

I know he will. But I also know Isaiah will be okay. And it’s my prayer that one day he’ll need the Lord’s Word in this sweet, dependent way.

The way that I do.

Praise the Lord–giver of true comfort and rest.

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