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How to Make Friends at Any Age

The importance of friends
Making friends at any age

As kids, it’s easy to make new friends, but as we get older it can be more challenging. However, if we are creative and open, we can find ways to strike up new friendships at any age. Friends are important to our wellbeing. As the Chinese philosopher Mencius put it, “Friends are the siblings God never gave us.” And some friends become closer than the siblings we have.

Recently, I started playing outdoor tennis with a new group of people. It has helped me to develop new friendships and expand my social network. Coincidently, I met this group through another friend I had previously met playing tennis.

On the tennis court, everyone’s skills are different and off the court, so are our personal lives. By being open to meeting new people, I have learned a great deal about them. For example, I learned that one individual lost his wife of many years to cancer and recently participated in an outdoor fundraising event for this cause. I was inspired by his love, faith and commitment to his deceased wife.

A proverb states, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” One thing is for sure; these new friends have sharpened my tennis skills and my spirit. The opportunities to make new friends at church, work, the gym and school are endless. When making new friends, we can learn about their life experiences and perspectives, allowing us to grow closer and support one another. Taking the first step is always hard, but worth the effort. What are some ways you have made new friends in your adulthood? Please share with us.

Lord, thank you for the friends we have and for those to come into our lives.  

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