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5 Ways to Inspire Your Kids

Kelee Katillac shares some tips on how to inspire your child’s creativity.

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I love working with kids and helping them develop a creative living space. Here are the top 5 ways to inspire your child.

1. Talk from the Heart
Give your child time to tell you what’s on his or her mind. And listen. Always listen.

2. Dream Together
Read about inspiring people. Honor a role model. I’ve made a lamp with images of inspiring people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Projects like this can bring a role model into your child’s room and heart.

3. Add Action to Compassion


Collect food for a food pantry. Save outgrown clothes for a shelter. Restore used furniture found on the curb, and give to a thrift store. When you empower your child to help others you build self-esteem and kindness.

4. Practice Positive Thinking
Surround your child with positive words and pictures. Make a “Calendar of Belief,” a chalkboard decorated by your family. At dinnertime, write in one positive thing from that day. You’ll find, at the end of the month, countless reminders of the good in your lives.

5. Buy Less, Create More
Necessity is the mother of invention. Redecorate your child’s room with what you have or find at thrift stores or garage sales. The more your child is involved, the better he or she will feel about the results.

Read how Kelee Katillac found a new purpose in life by redecorating an old chair in Room to Grow.

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