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Cat Talk: Tilly and Teek

Figuring out your feline friends’ language can start an interesting dialogue.

Welcome Alison Rose Levy, Love Dem Cats’ third guest blogger!

If you’d like to take center stage some upcoming week, just send us your blog post along with pix of your furry friend(s), and you could be featured in our blog!

Well, asking a writer like me to blog about my cats is truly dangerous to any other work project I have on my plate.

I must report that given the verbal environment in which they live, Tilly and Teek are quite talkative. Today, Tilly, chairman of the Feline Protest Committee, approached me and meowed.

My experience has been that children learn to speak when you mirror back their sounds to them—so I meowed back in exactly the same timber. This set off a rapid back and forth exchange of different melodies of meows—seven on each side.

Not to be outdone, Teek came in, and meowed. To which, I responded in kind. Amazed to suddenly learn that I spoke his language (or perhaps in alarm at the novelty of a meowing human), he issued a series of four wailing meows, in rising timbers of intensity and pitch, to which I responded. He elongated his body and crept up into my face to check out whether intra-species dialogue was dangerous or safe.

Satisfied that all was still well in his world, he issued two of his inimitable grunt/harumphs—and was on his way.

                                                                —Alison Rose Levy, guest blogger

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