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Pet Moms

Pet guru Peggy Frezon gives you 5 reasons that having a pet is like being a mother.

Thankful Pets

I sat at my desk writing out cards for my mother and mother-in-law. Lovingly, I signed our names: Peggy, Mike. Then the kids: Kate and Andy. Then Kelly, our little Spaniel. Do I consider the dog one of my children? Sure I do!

Here are 5 ways owning a pet is like being a mom.

1. Moms Feed.
We dish out cat food with our good soup spoon. We keep the water bowl full on a hot summer day. We heft 50-pound bags of kibble through crowded stores. We hope the pet food really does have “new and improved flavor.”

2. Moms Teach.
We bring our dogs to obedience school, even when we’re embarrassed because they’re the worst-behaved there. We potty train. We can’t wait to show our friends that our cats can actually play fetch. We have the best Stupid Pet Trick ever!

3. Moms Groom.
We give them baths, and end up soaked ourselves. We trim their nails, even when we’re terrified of nicking them too far. We brush their teeth, which is no easy feat, because we don’t want them to end up with dental problems or bad breath.

4. Moms Comfort.
We sit on the floor and hug them through thunderstorms. We carefully pull out the thorns and the porcupine quills and the burrs from their fur, and tear up because they trust us to do so. We wait up all night to get that call from the vet that they’re OK.

5. Moms Love.
We snuggle up next to our dogs. We hold our hamsters in the palms of our hands and rub between their tiny ears. We stroke our purring cats on our laps. We share our secrets. We cry into their fur. We welcome that wet kiss.

Happy Mother’s Day, from me and Kelly!

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