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Finding Freedom

Everyone has emotional baggage. What will you leave behind to change your life?

Leave the baggage behind. Change your life.

Freedom is not something many of us think about on a daily basis and yet if you consider the great struggles and triumphs throughout history they are stories of an oppressed group of people who sought, desired, and found freedom.

The quest for freedom is also a story that lives inside each and every one of us.
I remember two years ago when I went on a book tour for The Energy Bus. I drove thousands of miles and visited 30 cities. My wife and kids joined me for part of the trip but I also spent many hours, days and miles driving alone.
At one point on the journey I looked in the rearview mirror and realized I had all this stuff on my bus that I didn’t need. Why did I travel with all these bags of useless stuff for so long, I wondered?
I believe every one of us can say the same about our life journey. We hold on to bags that only weigh us down. For some it’s the bags of “the past” or the bags of disappointment. For others, its bags of distrust, self-doubt, mistakes, fear, anger and pain.
These bags hold us back from greater success, joy, love and prosperity. They slow us down, and drain our positive energy—keeping us from the success and life we desire. We may live in a free country but we don’t feel free. Inside we feel imprisoned by the bags we carry.
You know which bags I’m talking about. I don’t have to tell you what they are. They affect your work, your life and your relationships. Just as I looked in the rearview mirror of my bus, you can look in the rear view mirror of your life and know which bags need to be left behind.
Then you can do what I did. I didn’t want to drive heavy. I wanted to travel light. So I let the bags off the bus. You can do the same. As author Max Lucado says, “You can release the burdens you were never meant to carry.”
I remember the moment I let the bags off my bus. I was somewhere past Phoenix driving through the desert. I found a big trash can and put the bags where they belonged. I got back in the bus with the past behind me and a road full of daylight ahead. A big smile came upon my face. I was now free to enjoy the ride.
I hope you’ll do the same… and experience true freedom.

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