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Success Secrets of Celebrities

Oprah and Bill Gates are powerful because they constantly striving. Are you?

Jon Gordon

Tiger Woods, Oprah and Bill Gates are uncomfortable because they are the best at what they do…and the best are never comfortable with where they are. Why? Because they have a burning desire to improve and grow and this naturally creates a healthy discomfort.
Most people think that the best live a life of blissful ease and bask in the glow of their success but that is not the case. Rather the best are always thinking of ways they can take their “game” to the next level and they’re always pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.
You can do the same. You just have to be willing to be uncomfortable. You have to stop retreating to the safety and comfort of the status quo. You have to embrace change and uncertainty. You have to see yourself as a work in progress, an unfinished masterpiece that is still being shaped and molded. And you have to give yourself permission to fail as you strive to be your best. It’s a process and it’s not always fun but it’s worth it.
If you have trouble pushing yourself out of your comfort zone find a coach to help you. Great coaches push people out of their comfort zone and help them reach beyond their self-created limitations.

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