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Why Do You Love June?

Here are five reasons to love the start of the summer.

Well, Memorial Day has come and gone and June has officially begun. In my mind, that means summer is here—even if the calendar says it doesn’t arrive for another few weeks.

As I was working away on my computer this morning, my Twitter feed caught my eye when Guideposts Blog Network contributor Jason Boyett (someone I personally follow on Twitter because he has such great blog posts), “tweeted” the five reasons he loves June. Intrigued… I clicked on the link.

While reading how June changes his lifestyle—and mindset—I began to think about how I feel about this lovely month and felt inspired to share my five reasons with you.

5 Reasons I Love June

1. I can breathe easier when I run. There’s something about the June air here in the New York area that makes me happy. Yes, we get the occasional muggy summer day when all you can do is sit still and hope to feel cool, but for the most part, the sun and wind work together to give my lungs a healthy charge while I’m running along the river. It doesn’t have that winter bite that causes me to cough and I actually enjoy exercising as a result.

2. There are flowers everywhere. When June rolls around I seem to notice the colorful blooms around me a lot more. Maybe it’s because I’ve just started walking outside for longer periods of time as the weather allows it, or maybe it’s because I’ve started wearing brighter colors as I pull outfits from my summer wardrobe, but the fuschia, lavendar, yellow and red florals that blanket the parks and gardens I pass seem more vibrant than ever.

3. My toes feel perfect nestled in the sand. Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a beach lover. I’ve been sticking my toes in the grainy sands of beaches along the East coast since I was born, and it will always be a place that I associate with family, friends, happiness—and Grandma’s blueberry pie (a great way to end a long beach day). I usually kick off my beach weekends in late May, but June is when I embrace the salty smell and rolling waves as I close my eyes and let the sun pour down on my shoulders.

4. I eat healthier. Sure, Grandma’s pie is on my summer menu, but for the most part, I tend to mind my meals a bit more when summer rolls around. The fruits are juicier, watermelon is all that more appealing and I’m more apt to choose things like salad, veggies and smoothies at the grocery store.

5. I feel happier. It seems silly that the start of a certain month can change my mood, but when the sun is shining through my cracked office window and my sandals remind me that my winter boots are hiding in the back of my closet, I feel a sense of calm. I guess you could say the start of summer is like a mini new year for me. It sheds light on new possibilities, brings life to plans and ideas that I may have been avoiding for awhile and gets me out and about, breathing in the reality that seasons really can change more than just the weather.

Thanks, June.

Now… what are your five reasons?

—Megan Cherkezian


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