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How the Bible and ‘Abide’ Can Help You Sleep

This meditation app, now a part of the Guideposts family, can help you drift off naturally.

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We are a sleep-deprived nation. Up to half of all Americans report having times they find it difficult to do one of the most natural things on God’s green earth—sleep. We may be the only species to have ever suffered this deprivation. Does your cat have trouble sleeping? Your dog? Not mine. I’m looking at her now…and envying her. 

I suspect I’m among the sleep deprived. It’s my own fault, really. I always find one thing more I want to do before hitting the sack. Check out an article online, watch part of an old movie—just the opening, I promise myself. The next thing I know I’m waking up to the end credits, slumped over on the couch with the remote still clutched in my hand. 

Or I answer just a few emails or post something on social media where I end up in digital quicksand. I love to read in bed, but a good book is as likely to keep me up as put me to sleep. And then there are those nights my mind gallops through all the “what-ifs” my brain can randomly generate. 

In researching the book I’m writing for Guideposts on Alzheimer’s and my family, I’ve read about the importance of proper sleep and long-term brain health. The neurologist I’m seeing in addition to scheduling an MRI, blood tests and cognitive evaluation, sent me to a sleep clinic. The link between poor sleep habits and cognitive decline is fairly well-established. That scares me. 

So, if you’re struggling like me, help is on the way. Let me tell you about Abide, a Christian meditation app. Among the things this app can do is put you to sleep. Really. The app will give you Biblically-based sleep stories, devotions and guided meditations all backed by soothing, relaxing music sure to help you drift off naturally and peacefully. As it says in Proverbs, “…when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.”

The Abide app does more than just put you to bed. It offers Biblically-based meditations on conquering stress, embracing happiness, facing challenges, finding your purpose and much more. Check out their YouTube channel to find out more ways Abide can help you grow and improve your spiritual well-being and relationship with God. 

Full disclosure: Guideposts liked Abide so much and was so inspired by their mission to promote Christian-based meditation and mindfulness that we have brought them into the Guideposts family. Abide—I love the name—is now part of Guideposts and this is good news for you, and for me. Now I’ll be sleeping better.

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