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Did Someone Order Roses?

A women's decision to change jobs is reaffirmed through the delivery of two dozen red roses.

Beautiful bouquet of red roses

As soon as my boss told me our small finance company was closing I started interviewing for a new position. My first offer came from a big corporation. It wasn't what I'd hoped for, but as a single mom with a son in college and a daughter at home, I needed to get a job.

I also needed time to think it over. That was one thing the new company couldn't give me. "I need an answer in two hours," the supervisor said.

I hung up my office phone, stumped. I liked our small firm. I liked being able to know all my coworkers so well. Big companies weren't for me. God, should I take the job? Send me a red rose if so.

Well, I'd doomed the job with that prayer, I figured. There were no red roses in our modest quarters. 

Lunchtime came and went. I glanced at the clock. Five minutes to go before my deadline. Looks like I'm not going to get that rose, I thought. Not that I'd expected to.

Just then a man stuck his head in the door. "Anyone want a rose?" he said holding out a bunch. "I got two dozen." 

I was speechless. Twenty-three extra roses and four minutes to spare. I started my new (great!) job two weeks later.

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