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Katie Brown’s DIY Autumn Décor

The lifestyle expert shows you how to create a lovely wreath for your front door this autumn!
– Hi, my name’s Katie Brown. And today I want to show you how to doll up your front door for the Fall season. To get started, you’re going to want to get the base of your wreath. And there’s a lot of different things you can use. Like, you can use an old frame. I have this wire, kind of wreath-shaped structure. And I’m that person that whenever I walk into a craft store I tend to pick whatever kind of flora or fauna they have on sale. To get started, you’re going to want to just pop your flower head off of its stem, and I’m just going to take and put some hot glue all around the bottom of that flower, and then pop it right in and onto my wire mesh. And I’m going to take another flower head, a little bit more hot glue, pop it on. I’m going to put my flower heads down there and then I’m going to take a few berries and put it on either end. And just kind of keep working with the plate. Maybe I’ll take a couple leaves and pop the leaves off. Now I have kind of my design exactly the way I want it. And I’ve got a collection of ribbons here. And I’m just going to cut up, not only to work for when I’m hanging it up, but I also want to have some strings hanging down from my wreath. And I’m going to take that, the kind of where it’s folded and push it up and thread it, thread the tails back through the loop, and pull it tight so that it hangs down off my wreath. And I’m going to repeat that a few times so that I have kind of a collection of four to five flowing ribbons hanging down. And I love that look. it just makes your front door look a little bit more alive. And I’m going to do the same kind of thing at the very top of the wreath, and that’s the ribbon that I’m going to hang the wreath from. So again, I’m going to take that ribbon that I’ve folded in half, put the loop all the way through, take the tails, put it through the loop, and then, depending on, you know, the height of where you’re hanging it on your front door, you’re ready to go. Just kind of keep on working till you’re around. It’s almost like a tambourine. It’s almost like a Fall tambourine. But it’s beautiful. It’s great. It’s going to look so festive and fun on my front door. I think this is a great, simple, quick and easy way to dress up your door for Fall. Happy Fall, from my house to yours.    

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