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Secrets of Wayfarers Inn Book 21: A Place to Belong

Author: Beth Adams


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A Place to Belong is the 21st book in the Secrets of Wayfarers Inn cozy mystery series.

Winter weather leads to plumbing woes at Wayfarers Inn, but when the plumber starts digging in the front yard, he uncovers a metal box that looks like it has been there for some time. Inside, the innkeepers find a variety of things: a dress, a bracelet, an old piece of newsprint—and an unmailed letter, in which the writer claims someone is going to hurt her. There is also a pocketknife tainted with…is that blood? Who do these things belong to? How did her box end up in the inn’s yard? And, most importantly, is she okay? As the Inn Crowd tries to find answers, the friends uncover a forgotten chapter in the history of the area and learn more about the place they now call home.

Meanwhile, Janice’s daughter, Stacy, has started dating a man who is not exactly the one Janice would have picked. But Janice doesn’t know how to tell Stacy her concerns without alienating her daughter. As she gets to know Stacy’s boyfriend, though, Janice comes to understand that sometimes she needs to learn to trust just a little more…and remember not to judge by outward appearances.

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