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Mysteries of Lancaster County Book 10: A Slowly Developing Story

Author: Nancy Mehl & Shean Layle


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A Slowly Developing Story is the 10th book in the Mysteries of Lancaster County mystery fiction series.

When Lauren Collier sells a vintage camera from her late grandfather’s estate to Secondhand Blessings, Elizabeth opens the back and is surprised to discover an undeveloped roll of film inside. After Elizabeth tells Mary about the film, with Lauren’s permission, Mary offers to get the roll processed, and the prints she had made reveal a mystery involving a local Amish man who mysteriously disappeared decades earlier. Can Elizabeth help Lauren discover who this mystery Amish man is and how he is connected to Lauren’s grandfather? Could it be possible that Lauren has family in the Amish community? Meanwhile, Mary gets involved with making baked goods for Lancaster County’s Helping Hands program, which is hosting a fund-raiser to aid foster children. However, Mary’s repeated failed attempts at baking only tempt Martha to take over the project herself—an unwelcomed proposition, to say the least! Can Martha and Mary set aside their differences long enough to help Elizabeth solve a decades-old mystery?

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