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Extraordinary Women of the Bible Book 4 – At His Feet: Mary Magdalene’s Story

In Herod’s court, Mary Magdalene lives a dreamlike existence, yet darkness consumes her. John the Baptizer’s words penetrate her soul, leading her on a path of discovery. But as she follows Jesus, her faith and loyalty may endanger Him and His disciples. What if her pursuit of love brings only trouble? Experience an exciting historical novel enriched with biblical facts when you order today!


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At His Feet: Mary Magdalene’s Story is the fourth book in the Extraordinary Women of the Bible historical fiction series.

Mary Magdalene, a favorite in Herod’s court, is living a life she could only dream of. But darkness plagues her, and it seems the more she indulges, the emptier she feels. Why can no one see her? Then one day John the Baptizer is dragged into the court. His words enrage Herodias—but they pierce Magdalene’s soul. He calls them all to repentance, but what does that mean? Soon, she flees the court and meets a Teacher who offers the love, forgiveness, and healing she has been longing for, and she understands John’s words. But following Jesus and providing for Him and His disciples brings some of her old enemies into conflict with Jesus. What if her faith and loyalty bring Him and His disciples more trouble?

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