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Mysteries of Lancaster County Book 22: Handcrafted Secrets

Author: Janice Thompson 


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Handcrafted Secrets is the 22nd book in the Mysteries of Lancaster County mystery fiction series.

After a near accident on icy roads in Lancaster County, Elizabeth Classen watches as a furniture truck slides through a slippery intersection and crashes! As the driver is rushed to the hospital, the police open the truck to check the damage and soon discover that the compartments of a desk inside have opened, revealing a secret stash of drugs. Could the Amish furniture store be a front for drug smuggling? Or was someone else using the store for their own personal gain? Fingers are pointing at the driver of the truck, but Elizabeth doesn’t believe he is the culprit. Can she prove there is more to this case than meets the eye? Or will an innocent man end up in jail?

Meanwhile, Martha has been acting very strangely lately. Packages are arriving every day at the Classen house, and they are all addressed to Martha. What is Martha hiding? Mary and Elizabeth sure would like to know! Is their sister becoming a shopaholic?

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