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Lessons of a Lifetime


Let this heartwarming and inspiring memoir show you just how positive living can help YOU fulfill your dreams and purpose!


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About this Book

Let this heartwarming and inspiring memoir show you just how positive living can help YOU fulfill your dreams and purpose!

Open your heart to an inspiring true story of divine guidance and personal growth.

Meet Calvin LeHew, a down-to-earth self-made millionaire who conquered seemingly impossible odds on his path to success, and Stowe Dailey Shockey, a successful singer-songwriter and bestselling author with a real gift for telling heartfelt stories about faith, hope and love. 

Then, get ready to be amazed, entertained, uplifted and inspired by Lessons of a Lifetime… the moving memoir that reveals how Calvin unexpectedly came to help Stowe realize the true greatness within her. Calvin LeHew’s remarkable rags-to-riches story will encourage you, and show you how to live your best life today. 

Stowe Shockey’s account of their providential meeting and how their friendship helped save her life will make you laugh, cry and truly understand the God-given power of positive thinking.

Enjoy proven success principles, motivational insights, and spiritual self-help teachings in one truly amazing story.

How do your thoughts affect your health, passion, and purpose? How do you identify and replace all the limiting thoughts that may be holding you back?

How can you fulfill God’s purpose by intentionally living as He intends for you? Find the answers to all these and more in Lessons of a Lifetime. See God’s hand at work in the chance meeting between Stowe and Calvin.

Share Stowe’s fascination with Calvin’s positive Christian outlook, his ability to live his dreams, and his amazing rags-to-riches story. Be inspired by Stowe’s emotional account of how she almost gave up in her fight against cancer, and how Calvin inspired her to become stronger-than-ever in faith, and fully realize her hopes and dreams.

Guideposts Exclusive Bonus Section 

Brings you inspirational quotes, thoughts and meditations from the world’s leaders in positive thinking such as Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, and Norman Vincent Peale.

About the Authors

Awe-inspiring truths…Tear-jerking moments…Life-changing friendships…

Stowe Dailey Shockey

Pay attention to your emotions…

Join country musician and author, Stowe, on her journey from diagnosis of cancer to recovery as she comes to terms with the fact that the only things holding us back are the limitations we put on ourselves by the choices we make. Gain insight into how she conquered her self doubt and how, with God’s help, she came to truly believe that – YES! – faith really does make anything possible!

Allow Stowe’s amazing experience to show you how your emotions affect your thoughts, and how you can  draw to yourself that which you feel most strongly about.

Lessons of a Lifetime reveals how to be consistent and deliberate in your thoughts, and how to fully embrace Jesus’ teaching: “Whatever you ask for in prayer – in your heart – believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24) 

Calvin Lehew

Harness the life-changing power of positive thinking…

Enjoy Calvin’s fascinating account of how he first came to understand the power of faith and positivity inside a boxing ring. Read how a simple word of praise can make all the difference in the world. Find out how this down-to-earth self-made millionaire learned to prepare his mind and soul for success, and how God inspired him to use that insight for the good of himself and everyone around him.

Let Calvin’s fascinating life lessons show you that you should never be afraid to fail, and that you do not have to be an expert to succeed. Find out how he realized his dream of becoming a millionaire by venturing into enterprises that he had no knowledge of whatsoever, and why he believes that inexperience can often be a huge asset.

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