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Lifeline – Mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard – Book 23

Excitement abounds on Martha’s Vineyard in the final count-down to the wedding of Priscilla’s daughter, Rachel, and her husband-to-be, A.J. In addition to taking care of last-minute wedding details—complicated by interference from Merilee, A.J.’s sister—Priscilla becomes involved in a local wild-food chef apprentice challenge. Gerald’s troubled young cousin is competing for a big cash price and a plum job. But someone is undermining the candidates, eliminating them through mistakes and accidents. When evidence points to Kevin as the culprit—followed by his abrupt disappearance—Priscilla worries his second chance at a new life has failed. Or could he be the victim of a serious crime?

Worse yet, when A.J. also vanishes, Priscilla and Gerald must go undercover to search for him too. Can they find A.J. in time for the wedding, or will Rachel be left at the altar?


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Priscilla Latham Grant has inherited a lighthouse! So with not much more than a strong will and a sore heart, the recent widow says goodbye to her lifelong Kansas home and heads to the quaint and historic island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. There, she comes face-to-face with adventures, which include her trusty canine friend, Jake, three delightful cousins she didn’t know she had, and Gerald O’Bannon, a handsome Coast Guard captain—plus head-scratching mysteries that crop up with surprising regularity.

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