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Ordinary Women of the Bible Book 22: Raised For a Purpose

Author: Virginia Smith


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Raised for a Purpose: Talia’s Story is the 22nd book in the Ordinary Women of the Bible biblical fiction series.

Having been raised from the dead at the age of twelve by Yeshua, Talia is certain her life was restored for a reason. But ten years have passed since that miraculous day, and she still has no idea what Adonai wants her to do with her life. Talia believes there must be some purpose, some great mission for her to accomplish. But what could it be? How can she, a lonely and unwed woman, ever do anything worthwhile for the Lord?
But things are changing, and Yeshua’s movement is spreading like wildfire, bringing a message of unfathomable love—and a firestorm of conflict. The smell of smoke reaches even Capernaum, and the flames are not far behind. Perhaps the time has finally come for Talia to discover God’s plan to use her for His holy purposes.

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