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Savannah Secrets – Patterns of Deception – Book 11

Author: Ruth Logan Herne


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Patterns of Deception is the 11th book in the Savannah Secrets cozy-mystery series.

When an old acquaintance of Meredith’s hires Magnolia Investigations to look into financial discrepancies at her company, Meredith and Julia worry that this case is out of their expertise. Good thing they can call Julia’s forensic accountant nephew, Wyatt. With his help, they may have a chance to figure out the problem. Together, they soon learn that someone has been stealing money from the company’s funds. With their client’s company, job, and reputation on the line, it’s up to Magnolia Investigations to find the real thief.

Meanwhile, during a visit with the proper and straitlaced Laodicea Oglethorpe, Meredith and Julia learn that “Miss Dicey” was a codebreaker in World War II when she asks them to investigate an old threat—a threat that could have led to the deaths of her fellow codebreaker friends. Can Meredith and Julia decipher the clues and uncover the answers their dear friend seeks?

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