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Prayers and Pawprints (Book 16 – Tales from Grace Chapel Inn Series)


Alice consistently prays for Paula Middleton, a new resident to Acorn Hill who lives alone and is prone to seizures. After Paula is injured, could a service dog be an answer to Alice’s prayers? And can she convince the church board to cover the expenses? Meanwhile, almost everyone in Acorn Hill is wondering who the mysterious black dog that has been protecting the town like a faithful watchdog belongs to. 


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AboutTales from Grace Chapel Inn

Once you visit the charming village of Acorn Hill, tucked away in rural Pennsylvania, you’ll never want to leave. Townsfolk relax on their porch swings or gather to discuss the day’s events at the Coffee Shop over homemade pie. It’s the kind of town where friendship and faith flow together like a wide river on a fine spring day.

And you’ll love spending time with the Howard sisters, who have begun a new life together in their childhood home, a gracious Victorian house now a bed and breakfast called Grace Chapel Inn. Here they rekindle old memories, rediscover the bonds of sisterhood, revel in the blessings of friendship—and meet many fascinating guests along the way.

Book Description

Prayers and Pawprints – Book 16

When two very special dogs descend on Acorn Hill, Alice wonders, Could a dog be an answer to prayer? Alice’s prayer is for Paula Middleton, a new resident who lives alone and suffers from seizures. After Paula is injured in a fall, Alice determines the town must do something for the young woman — and a service dog may be just the thing. But will the church board approve the expense? In the meantime, who owns the mysterious black dog that’s been watching over the citizens of Acorn Hill like a guardian angel?

About the Author

In 1997, when Diann Hunt and her husband Jim started on their three-mile trek through the Amish country, she had no idea she was taking her first steps toward a new career. Inspired by their walk she wrote an article, which was published a year later. Other articles soon followed. After studying fiction writing, she celebrated her first novella sale in 2001, with CBA best-selling novellas and novels reaching bookshelves soon afterward.

Wanting to be used by God in the ministry of writing, Diann left her job as a court reporter in the fall of 2003 and now devotes her time to writing. Well, writing and spoiling her four granddaughters.

She has been happily married forever and love chocolate, her family, chocolate, her friends, chocolate, her dog and, well, chocolate.

Be sure to check out her website at Sign her guestbook and drop her an email. And hey, if you have any chocolate…

Book Details
Author: Diann Hunt
Page Count: 320 pages

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