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Saints Among Us (Book 37 – Tales from Grace Chapel Inn Series)


Saints Among Us


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AboutTales from Grace Chapel Inn

Once you visit the charming village of Acorn Hill, tucked away in rural Pennsylvania, you’ll never want to leave. Townsfolk relax on their porch swings or gather to discuss the day’s events at the Coffee Shop over homemade pie. It’s the kind of town where friendship and faith flow together like a wide river on a fine spring day.

And you’ll love spending time with the Howard sisters, who have begun a new life together in their childhood home, a gracious Victorian house now a bed and breakfast called Grace Chapel Inn. Here they rekindle old memories, rediscover the bonds of sisterhood, revel in the blessings of friendship—and meet many fascinating guests along the way.

Book Description

Saints Among Us – Book 37

It’s Christmas and the Howard sisters are busy helping others but they soon realize that asking for help might be the key to making this a holiday they won t soon forget! Christmas is fast approaching, but stormy conditions — some weather-related, others from an irate Ethel Buckley — might put a damper on the celebrations. Meanwhile, the Howard sisters are hard at work helping those in need during the blessed Christmas season: Alice travels to a disaster area to care for a group of furry patients; Louise uses her talents to prepare for a beautiful Christmas service at Grace Chapel; and Jane strives to make a Christmas fundraiser a source of fellowship. But as their plans change, they learn that sometimes asking for help is as important as giving it.

About the Author

Award-winning author Anne Marie Rodgers has published more than forty novels since 1992, several o which have been best sellers. Her work for Guideposts includes stories in the series Tales from Grace Chapel Inn and Mystery and the Minister’s Wife.

Anne Marie has been involved in animal rescue and foster-care efforts for many years. After Hurricane Katrina, she volunteered at the Humane Society of Louisiana, saving animals left behind during evacuation efforts. She also has raised guide dog puppies. Anne Marie currently volunteers at a wildlife rehabilitation facility near her home in State College, Pennsylvania, where she cares for orphaned and injured animals, which are released into the wild after their health is restored. The experience has allowed her to get up close and personal with bobcats, fishers, bald and golden eagles, along with many other more common species.

Book Details
Author: Anne Marie Rodgers
Page Count: 320 pages

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