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Secrets From Grandma’s Attic Book 9: Refined by Fire

Discover the gripping tale of a fire at Pearls of Wisdom shop, where Tracy and her firefighter husband Jeff uncover an arson mystery. Meanwhile, Tracy’s concerns grow as her daughter-in-law, Anna, becomes distant. Unravel the secrets and find out if there’s more to Anna’s behavior in this suspenseful narrative.


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Refined by Fire is book #9 in the Secrets of Grandma’s Attic fiction series.

Tracy Doyle and her husband, Jeff, are awakened one night by a call from the local fire station—there’s a fire at one of the shops in town! Jeff is a volunteer firefighter and rushes to the scene, with Tracy right behind him so she can report on the blaze for the town newspaper. But when they arrive at the scene it turns out the store in flames is her cousin’s shop, Pearls of Wisdom! Thankfully, the fire is put out quickly, but an investigation is launched when several signs point to arson. But who would set Robin’s shop on fire, and why?

Meanwhile, Tracy’s daughter-in-law, Anna, has been acting distant and isn’t returning Tracy’s phone calls. Tracy worries she’s done something to offend Anna. But could there be something else going on in Anna’s life that she has yet to share with the family? 

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