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Something Old, Something New (Book 10- Tales from Grace Chapel Inn Series)


 A famous author has come to stay at Grace Chapel Inn for a few days to finish her novel. However, with the town excited over her visit in Acorn Hill, will the Howard sisters be able to give her the privacy she needs to work?  Meanwhile, Jane is rushing to prepare the inn for a special wedding. Everyone is willing to lend a hand, but will it be enough to get everything in order on time?


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About Tales from Grace Chapel Inn

Once you visit the charming village of Acorn Hill, tucked away in rural Pennsylvania, you’ll never want to leave. Townsfolk relax on their porch swings or gather to discuss the day’s events at the Coffee Shop over homemade pie. It’s the kind of town where friendship and faith flow together like a wide river on a fine spring day.

And you’ll love spending time with the Howard sisters who have begun a new life together in their childhood home, a gracious Victorian house that is now a bed-and-breakfast called Grace Chapel Inn. Here they rekindle old memories and rediscover the bonds of sisterhood, revel in the blessings of friendship and meet many fascinating guests along the way.

Book Description

Something Old, Something New – Book 10

A celebrity author visits Grace Chapel Inn to finish her novel. Can the Howard sisters give her the quiet she needs? The whole town gets involved in the high-school genealogy project, and Aunt Ethel provides some surprise information about their own family’s history. Meanwhile Jane is busy with preparations for a special Grace Chapel wedding. Everyone seems ready to pitch in but time is short!

About the Author

Best-selling author Jane Orcutt has written eight novels and novellas. The Fugitive Heart and The Hidden Heart were both finalists for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award. She enjoys writing relationship-oriented books and loves a happy ending!

A native Texan, Jane lives in her home state with her husband and their two teenage sons. They have four four-legged pets—a German shepherd mix, a Pembroke Welsh corgi, and two lazy but mischievous cats.

In addition to writing, Jane homeschools, works outside the home and occasionally does freelance editing. Her interests are trivia, history, current events, reading, and any games that involve letters and words. When she wants to be thoroughly humbled, she attempts to work the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle. Jane is also an avid baseball fan, but still has trouble understanding the infield fly rule and how to calculate the magic number.

Book Details
Author: Jane Orcutt
Page Count: 250 pages

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