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Tales from Grace Chapel Inn: Back Home Again

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Inspirational Christian fiction that revolves around family, faith and friendship.

What happens when three sisters, who are as different as can be, inherit their childhood home together? How do far-flung siblings come together in grief to face a future that challenges them to make unexpected decisions? Can people who shared childhoods learn to live with and love each other as the adults they have become? 

Jane’s independent spirit helped her to leave Acorn Hill to pursue her dreams in San Francisco. Now she returns to her home town with a successful career but a failed marriage.
Louise was the reserved, more conservative sister growing up. While she has grown set in her ways—living alone since the death of her husband—people are drawn to her expressive musical talent.
Alice was always more comfortable helping others than receiving attention. It was she who stayed behind to give her life to the church and the town she grew up in.
No one is more surprised than the sisters themselves when they make the life-changing decision to live together again. They intend to fix up their ancestral Victorian home and turn it into a bed and breakfast called Grace Chapel Inn. The surprises don’t stop there. Come and see for yourself. You’re a welcome guest invited to settle in for an entertaining and refreshing stay.

Let your cares drop away as you step into the town of Acorn Hill—a place that’s both completely new and strangely familiar.

You’ll recognize family (and maybe some of yourself) in the stories of Alice, Louise and Jane Howard.  After all, everyone has an opinion when it comes to renovating a home—sometimes something as pleasurable as decorating can lead to strains and misunderstandings. But as they are tested by life’s small frustrations and larger trials, the sisters learn again and again how to rely on each other, and on God.

Of course, in addition to the Howard family, Acorn Hill is filled with folks you’ll feel you’ve always known…

Every family has an Aunt Ethel—someone who seems a little quick to criticize even when it comes from a place of love.
And every town has a gossip like Florence Simpson—whose suspicions can sow dissension or lead to hilarious confusion.
Meet all the guests at the Inn—each with their own story, their secrets and their spiritual challenges.
In the midst of all this the Howard sisters learn to apply their Christian faith to whatever life brings them. And as they do, Grace Chapel Inn slowly becomes a place of inspiration for all who visit. You’ll be inspired too.

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Give yourself the gift of a little time at Grace Chapel Inn, and discover the timeless pleasure of a family home warmed by Christian faith.

Whether you were raised in a small town or grew up in a city, you’ll find yourself touched by the timeless goodness of the Howard sisters and their Acorn Hill neighbors. You’ll find the cares of the day recede as you find inspiration and encouragement for your own life. And you’ll be reminded of all the ways Christian values renew the spirit through:

Family prayer as a way to find answers when facing life’s challenges
The many small ways love can be expressed between family members and among friends
Hearing God’s voice through interactions with others.
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Enjoy life-affirming stories that celebrate Christian values from the pen of renowned author Melody Carlson.

Even though you won’t find Acorn Hill on any map, you’ll find it on the map of your heart. It may be hard to believe that the people of Acorn Hill are fictional characters; they’ll seem as real as your closest friends. Like you, the Howard sisters and their neighbors celebrate the ways community and caring bring grace to our lives. And as you spend time with them, you’ll recognize how God uses us all in unexpected ways to bring His word and encouragement to those around us.

When you download your FREE copy of the eBook, Tales from Grace Chapel Inn: Back Home Again, you’ll experience the trials and triumphs of a family in transition and experience too the comfort they find in their Christian faith and their small-town community.

Find a soothing world where faith, family and forgiveness will leave you feeling uplifted and refreshed.

When you cozy up for a visit with the Howard sisters, whether on a cold winter’s day over a cup of hot chocolate or on a steamy summer’s day with a glass of iced tea, you’ll find yourself feeling renewed.

You’ll also find yourself getting deeply involved in every relationship, the family tensions and the community issues. Sometimes you hear people say that you can’t go home again. But in Back Home Again you’ll experience the ways faith and family can always come together to make a loving home.

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