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Ordinary Women of the Bible Book 3: The Ark Builder’s Wife

The Ark Builder’s Wife: Zarah’s Story by Tracy Higley

Will Zarah’s husband’s latest project prove him to be a lunatic or a prophet of God?


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The Ark Builder’s Wife- Zarah’s Story is the 3rd book in the Ordinary Women of the Bible fiction series.

Zarah’s Husband, Noah, has been preaching about the coming destruction of the world for years, as he builds a monstrous ship in the middle of his grain field. But Zarah, Noah’s wife and mother to their three sons, does not hear from God the way Noah does. Her hidden past, as a captive in a pagan temple, has led her to believe she is damaged and unworthy. Why would God speak to her? But then, son Shem’s wife, Salbeth, is abducted by the same cult of the pagan moon-god that Zarah once belonged to, and only she can find a way to bring the girl back home.

Can Zarah prove her worth to her family by confronting and con-fessing the dark secrets of her past and rescuing Salbeth before the rain begins, and the world as they know it comes to an end?

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