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Secrets of Wayfarers Inn Book 26: The Bucket List

Author: Janice Thompson


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The Bucket List is the 26th book in the Secrets of Wayfarers Inn cozy fiction series.

Spring has sprung at Wayfarers Inn, and Tess, LuAnn, and Janice are excited to host an Easter egg hunt extravaganza. Local businesses have chipped in, providing eggs loaded with all kinds of candy and prizes—coupons for services, free goodies, and even cash. Then there is the grand prize: a golden egg stuffed with three hundred dollars. But when the golden egg is found, it’s empty! Tess is baffled—she knows the egg was filled with money when the hunt began. Who could have stolen it? Could it be Griffin, the ex-con who is looking for a second chance but may not be able to help a relapse into his old ways? Or is it Corey, the reporter who seems keen on getting a headline for his newspaper? Who could it be? There is a thief at the inn, and it’s up to the Inn Crowd to discover who it could be!

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