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The Buggy Before the Horse – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries – Book 3


As Thanksgiving approaches, many businesses along Sugarcreek’s Main Street have reported incidents of theft! With the safety of her gift shop’s inventory at stake, Cheryl becomes motivated to get to the bottom of these crimes. Her investigation leads to many potential suspects, including an individual who has been secretly living out of Naomi and Seth Miller’s winter buggy! Will Cheryl find the culprit before the residents of Sugarcreek suffer more serious economic casualties? Read on in this tale of empathy and compassion in the cozy community of Sugarcreek!


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About The Buggy Before the Horse – Book 3 – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries

As Thanksgiving approaches, Cheryl stumbles across a startling discovery: someone is sleeping in Naomi and Seth Millers’ winter buggy and helping himself to food from their farmhouse cellar. Could it be the same person who is stealing from businesses up and down Sugarcreek’s Main Street? Despite Naomi’s insistence on extending the hand of hospitality to their unknown guest, when items are stolen from the Swiss Miss gift shop, Cheryl intends to get to the bottom of these mysteries.

While odd notes and other clues begin to surface, the list of suspects grows to include a troubled foster child, an Amish handyman, a homeless shelter volunteer, a young backpacker, and just about every other tourist passing through town. Can Cheryl catch the thief before the Millers fall victim to a more serious crime?

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