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The Thousand Stories Quilt – Patchwork Mysteries – Book 23


When Sarah’s granddaughters, Audrey and Amy, are inspired by different missionaries talking about spreading God’s grace, it’s up to Sarah to help her granddaughters use their talents in a way that will show others the power of faith. Meanwhile, as Sarah is restoring an old quilt as a gift for the local pastor, she discovers that directions to a treasure are sewn into it! Will Sarah uncover the true secret of the Thousand Stories Quilt?


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The Thousand Stories Quilt is the 23rd book in the Patchwork Mysteries fiction series.

It’s Missions Month at church, and when Sarah’s granddaughters Audrey and Amy hear different missionaries speak about sharing their faith around the world, they are both intrigued but for very different reasons. Can Sarah help them use their unique gifts and talents to glorify God? And when Carolyn Johnson asks Sarah to help her restore an old quilt—commonly known as the Thousand Stories Quilt—as a gift for Pastor John Peabody, Sarah is glad to help. The family treasure was made by the pastor’s grandmother when she was a missionary in China, and it tells the story of her time sharing the Gospel. But when Sarah examines the quilt, she finds old documents sewn into the batting that seem to lead to a hidden treasure. Can she make sense of the strange clues and find the secrets of the Thousand Stories Quilt?

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