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The Valentine Visitor – Secrets of the Blue Hill Library – Book 12


When Anne receives a baffling Valentine’s Day postcard addressed to her great- aunt Edie, she is puzzled to learn that it is inexplicably from an exotic location! To make matters even more interesting, the postcard was sent by an anonymous person! Can Anne figure out the person of interest while notifying him or her of Aunt Edie’s death before he or she expends the resources to travel all the way to Blue Hill? Meanwhile, everyone seems to be pushing Anne to go to the annual sweetheart dinner with Alex; the question is, can she risk their friendship over a potential romance that she isn’t prepared to have? Is this part of God’s plan for her?


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About The Valentine Visitor

It’s early February in Blue Hill, and Anne Gibson is surprised to receive a Valentine’s Day postcard from an exotic locale addresed to her late aunt Edie. What puzzles Anne even more is the year-old postmark. The sender, whose scrawled first name is illegible, references a reunion at an undisclosed location in two weeks. Anne doesn’t want the mystery correspondent to travel halfway around the world for a meeting that can’t happen, but how can she figure out who this person is in time?

Meanwhile, Anne must deal with Liddie’s extreme enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day as well as Ben’s dread of it. And everyone in her life seems to be pushing her to attend the annual sweetheart dinner with Alex. But does she want to risk their friendship when she’s not ready for romance? 

About the Series

Welcome to Blue Hill, Pennsylvania, a place of rolling hills and charming Victorian homes. A place where neighbors greet neighbors with a welcoming wave and strangers soon become friends. Here, a gorgeous old house bequeathed by a beloved great-aunt becomes both a library and a home to young widow Anne Gibson and her two lively children. Here, where history and mystery, past and present come together, Anne must use her clever mind and flair for research to uncover the Secrets of the Blue Hill Library.

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