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Savannah Secrets – The Weight of Years – Book 6

Author: Deanna Julie Dodson


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The Weight of Years is the 6th book in the Savannah Secrets cozy-mystery series.

Julia and Meredith find themselves drawn to the owner of the lavish Delorme Estate, Miss Charlotte Delorme Lockwood. Miss Charlotte is the great-granddaughter of the well-known Alice Delorme Lockwood, who established a foundation that provides educational and business opportunities for the benefit of orphaned children and those who adopt them. When aspiring author Jaden Browning comes to Savannah in hopes of writing a book about the Lockwood Foundation and Alice’s life as a survivor of Savannah’s 1876 yellow fever epidemic, Miss Charlotte is eager to shed light on her great-grandmother’s story. But her eagerness turns to suspicion when Jaden’s questions take a drastic turn toward the Delorme family tree rather than Alice’s accomplishments. Suddenly wary, Miss Charlotte hires Magnolia Investigations to discover the truth. Who exactly is Jaden Browning, and what are her true motives? Follow Julia and Meredith as they dive into another mystery that comes with some unexpected truths and revelations.

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