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Thicker than Water – Mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard – Book 8

Priscilla and long-time friend Kitty Merrick find themselves surrounded by mystery when they learn of Kitty’s aunt Katherine’s sudden death. However, the friends are skeptical of the circumstances and set out to uncover what truly happened. Meanwhile, when a mysterious stranger begins asking strikingly personal questions about Aunt Katherine, Priscilla begins to believe that this stranger knows more than he appears to let on. Find out how this intriguing mystery unfolds in this unforgettable novel from the cozy shoreline of Martha’s Vineyard!


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When Priscilla runs into long-time friend Kitty Merrick, mystery starts to unfold. Kitty has just arrived on Martha’s Vineyard to check on her Aunt Katherine, who has stopped responding to her attempts at communication. Priscilla accompanies Kitty to the town hall, where they learn that Katherine has died. But Kitty isn’t convinced that’s truly the case, and she and Priscilla set out to learn what has actually become of her aunt.

Priscilla suspects there is more to a mysterious stranger than he is letting on when he starts asking questions about the missing Katherine. Meanwhile, Miss Caroline Waterman, Katherine’s best friend and former-socialite-turned-recluse, has announced she is selling acres of prime real estate— and a valuable private museum collection she’s gathered over the years. Will Priscilla be able to uncover the truth behind all these secrets and bring about the reunion—or the closure—her friend needs?

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