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Threads of Love – Patchwork Mysteries – Book 26


While Sarah prepares for her wedding, a woman named Beatrice approaches her with a beautiful quilt that she believes has an interesting history. An adopted child, Beatrice is convinced that the quilt may hold the truth behind the identity of her birth parents. Will Sarah be able to decipher the various quilt squares in order to reveal a message, or is there nothing to be found? Read on in Threads of Love, a story about the true meaning of a family’s love.


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Threads of Love is the 26th book in the Patchwork Mysteries fiction series.

Sarah is busy with preparations for her wedding when a woman brings her a beautiful, hand-embroidered antique quilt that holds an intriguing puzzle. Beatrice received the quilt from an unnamed donor. Adopted as a baby, Beatrice wonders if it could have come from her birth mother. Sarah agrees when she notices a rebus—three bees on one of the squares—which stands for “Beatrice.” If Sarah can decode the other squares, she suspects they will lead her to the truth about Beatrice’s murky past. But someone doesn’t want her to find out the truth. Can she decode the clues and reunite Beatrice with the family she never knew?

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