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Till We Meet Again – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries – Book 30

When their church hosts a children’s choir from Aunt Mitzi’s mission in Papua New Guinea, Cheryl and Levi invite Jennifer Lewis, a young single woman and chaperone for the group, to stay in their dawdy haus. An hour before they need to leave to meet the group for their first rehearsal, they realize the woman has vanished. Has Jennifer left voluntarily—or is something more sinister afoot? As Cheryl sets out to learn what happened to their guest, a cryptic note left behind in the guest bedroom is her only clue.

Meanwhile, with toddler Rebecca growing more charming and delightful every day, Cheryl and Levi begin to wonder: is it time to open their hearts and home to another child?


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If you’d told thirty-year-old Cheryl six months ago that she’d give up her secure banking job in Columbus, Ohio, to become a shopkeeper in a charming small town hailed as “The Little Switzerland of Ohio,” she certainly wouldn’t have believed you. However, with everything that has happened since, Cheryl decides to take her biggest leap of faith yet.

Together with her Siamese cat, Beau, Cheryl moves into Aunt Mitzi’s cozy little cottage in Sugarcreek and quickly settles into the routine of running the Swiss Miss gift shop, where all kinds of homemade gifts and food fill the shelves, and the aroma of candles, candy, and pungent cheeses fill the air.

As an “Englisher,” Cheryl finds it challenging to fit in among the Amish. And when mysteries unfold at every turn, she questions whether or not she’s cut out for the so-called “simple life.” Fortunately, she finds a good Amish friend and mentor in Naomi Miller, and together they put their trust in God as they join forces to unravel the clues.


Pay a visit to the charming Swiss Miss gift shop in the village of Sugarcreek, known as the Little Switzerland of Ohio. You’ll get to know Cheryl Cooper, a newly arrived “Englischer,” who with her Siamese cat, Beau, is settling into the routine of running the store and adjusting to life in an Amish community. But it isn’t the laid-back country living that Cheryl expects. She befriends Naomi Miller, an Amish farmer’s wife, and together they lend a helping hand to their neighbors and untangle the mysteries of Sugarcreek.

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