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To Have and to Hold – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries – Book 24

While Cheryl is preparing for her wedding with Levi, package deliveries all over town have been disappearing! When a package for Cheryl containing her family heirloom wedding ring never arrives, she begins to wonder whether or not her marriage is meant to be after all. Will she be able to crack this profound mystery, or is this the case that finally breaks her?


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In mere days, Cheryl Cooper and Levi Miller will be married! But nothing seems to be going quite as planned. Cheryl had hopes of cutting back on her workload at the Swiss Miss in the week leading up to the wedding. After all, someone needs to corral her mother’s efforts to make their simple ceremony a large-scale and elaborate event. But instead of marking items off her to-do list, Cheryl finds it’s growing longer and longer. To make matters worse, someone is stealing package deliveries all over town. When a long-awaited parcel containing a family heirloom wedding ring intended for Cheryl never arrives, she begins to wonder if their nuptials are supposed to happen at all. Is God trying to tell her something? Or will she discover that the love and support of others, poured out to make her wedding day possible, are exactly the right ingredients for a happily-ever-after marriage.

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