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Secrets From Grandma’s Attic Book 21: Turn Back the Dial

Embark on a romantic quest with Tracy and Jeff in this Valentine’s Day mystery. Dive into the vanished world of Windy City Gumshoes, where a vintage script unveils secrets. Will they solve the decades-old mystery and win the river-cruise prize? Love, intrigue, and nostalgia await in Canton’s thrilling adventure!


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Turn Back the Dial is book #21 in the Secrets of Grandma’s Attic fiction series.

When Canton’s local radio station announces a Valentine’s Day mystery contest, Tracy Doyle and her husband, Jeff, decide that the river-cruise prize sounds like just what they need after a busy few weeks. The host challenges his listeners to uncover the truth about Windy City Gumshoes, a vintage detective show that vanished from the airwaves in 1949 after both the writer and star mysteriously went missing. He assures his listeners that the answers to their disappearance can be found somewhere in Canton.

The race is on! Tracy and Jeff’s search for answers eventually leads them right upstairs into Grandma Pearl’s attic. They are astonished when they come across what appears to be a script for the show’s final episode, which was never aired. How did it end up in the Wallace family attic? And could it be the key to solving a decades-old mystery…and winning the prize?

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