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Whistle Stop Café Mysteries Book 9: For Sentimental Reasons

Debbie’s world turns upside down when Aunt Sherry claims to be an abandoned baby. With friends, they unravel secrets of the past to find truth.


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For Sentimental Reasons, is book number nine in the Whistle Stop Café Mysteries fiction series.

Debbie Albright doesn’t know what to think when her aunt Sherry comes to her home carrying an old crate full of antique baby items she discovered in her garage. Her aunt then pulls out a worn newspaper article about a baby girl being abandoned on the steps of the Dennison Depot decades ago—and shares her belief that she was that baby. Debbie is skeptical at first, but the evidence keeps piling up. Aunt Sherry asks Debbie to help find out whether she truly was adopted, and if so, what happened to her birth mother. 

Debbie and her best friend, Janet Shaw, team up with Eileen Palmer, who reveals that she was the one who found the baby girl at the depot all those years ago but was never able to track down the mother. Can Debbie, Janet, and Eileen piece together the clues from the past and discover the answers Aunt Sherry needs?

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