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Whistle Stop Café Mysteries Book 6: Fools Rush In

When Janet Shaw’s day at the Whistle Stop Café takes an unexpected turn with a break-in, she embarks on a journey to recover a stolen WWII photograph. Teaming up with her friend Debbie, they unravel a web of unsolved crimes and buried family secrets that threaten Dennison’s legacy. Can they unveil the truth hidden in the shadows?


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Fools Rush In, is book number six in the Whistle Stop Café Mysteries fiction series.

When Janet Shaw enters the Whistle Stop Café to begin her baking for the day, she is shocked to discover that there’s been a break-in! Tables are overturned, and the walls are covered with spray paint. Strangely, the only thing missing is a framed World War II photograph of three women standing behind a table with a briefcase on it. Janet can’t imagine why anyone would steal the vintage picture.

As Janet and her best friend, Debbie Albright, research the history of the photograph, they uncover not only an old crime that was never solved, but long-buried secrets that could damage the reputation of one of Dennison’s most famous families. Will they be able to uncover the truth that someone else is trying so hard to keep hidden?

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