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Whistle Stop Café Mysteries Book 4: Till Then

Janet and her friends embark on a thrilling journey to unravel the mysteries concealed within the time capsule. Join Janet to unveil forgotten history from a time capsule: photos, articles, mysteries, and more. Can you solve the puzzle?


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Till Then  is book number four in the Whistle Stop Café Mysteries fiction series.

Anticipation and excitement are running high at the “It’s About Time” celebration in Dennison. As the crowd waits for the newly discovered time capsule to be opened, they sip warm apple cider and enjoy fresh cinnamon doughnuts, courtesy of Janet Shaw and Debbie Albright of the Whistle Stop Café. What forgotten fragments of town history will be uncovered? A hush falls as the museum curator, Kim Smith, twirls the combination and swings the time capsule door open to reveal—a mystery!

But Janet and Debbie soon realize there is more than one mystery. All the black-and-white photos, yellowed news articles, letters and trinkets are there, according to a list included in the time capsule. But so are three unexpected items, including valuable war bonds and a child’s version of a time capsule. And when the war bonds are stolen, it will be up to Janet and her friends to not only solve these mysteries but find the thief.

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