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Whistle Stop Café Mysteries Book 3: We’ll Meet Again

Intrigue swirls as Debbie Albright stumbles upon a mysterious man at the Dennison depot. Watchful and elusive, he vanishes, leaving behind a cryptic “Dear Jane” letter from 1945. Can Debbie unravel this enigma to bring long-awaited answers to Eileen Turner’s heart? A gripping tale of suspense and redemption awaits at twilight’s edge.


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We’ll Meet Again is book three in the Whistle Stop Café Mysteries fiction series.

When Debbie Albright notices a mysterious man hanging around the Dennison depot the last few days, she can’t help but be curious. The stranger is constantly checking his watch and phone, as if he is waiting for something… or someone. Unable to hold back her curiosity any longer, Debbie decides to finally speak to him. However, he is gone before she gets the chance. Instead, next to the lamppost where he always stood, she finds a yellowed “Dear Jane” letter, with a dateline of 1945 and addressed to Eileen Turner, the long-retired stationmaster. Eileen claims she never heard from her soldier boy after he left for the war. Can Debbie solve this longstanding mystery so Eileen can get answers to her decades of wondering at this twilight time of her life?

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