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  • Without a Trace Book Cover

    Once again, the town of Blue Hill plays host to yet another intriguing mystery! Lucas’s car has been found found crashed into a tree, and he is absent from the vehicle. When Anne hesitantly agrees to investigate Lucas’s disappearance, she soon discovers that everything is not quite as it seems. Could the writer’s absence be related to a series of break-ins in Blue Hill? Meanwhile, when Ben and Liddie’s grandparents visit, they encourage Anne to begin dating again—a possibility that Ben is unwilling to come to terms with. Can Anne find a way to show everyone that family is the most important aspect of her life while simultaneously looking into Lucas’s disappearance?

  • All That Glitters Book Cover

    When Anne’s children are saved by a man named Jack Kendall, they become enthralled by his stories of adventure, including a story in which he claims to have known Aunt Edie. Anne, however, is not sold on Jack’s stories; while the locals of Blue Hill have taken a liking to him, Anne embarks on an investigation to see just how much she can trust this stranger. Meanwhile, Ben and Ryan go searching for gold in the local creek after listening to Jack’s adventures. Can they find anything to help their classmate who was recently diagnosed with leukemia? Find out in another heartwarming tale from Emily Thomas!

  • Cracking the Code Book Cover

    When Anne receives a letter containing several thousands of dollars inside, Wendy believes that it is an answer to their prayers. Anne, however, is intent on finding the owner in case the money was not meant for her. Meanwhile the library’s literacy program is doing well, but can Anne and Wendy find a way to invite one more individual without intimidating him? Find out in Cracking the Code, another tale of compassion and community in the beautiful, small town of Blue Hill! 

  • Stagestruck Book Cover

    When Anne’s friend, Tami, visits from London, Tami talks about a note she found in one of her new costumes that claims that Aunt Edie was in possession of Hugh Bettridge’s missing play. When Anne agrees to search for it, it becomes apparent that she is not the only one searching for the script. Can she find it before someone else does? At the same time, Anne agrees to take a role in a fundraising play. However, when she discovers that her character has to kiss Alex’s character, can she overcome her anxiety to help the production succeed?

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