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All That Glitters – Secrets of the Blue Hill Library – Book 15


When Anne’s children are saved by a man named Jack Kendall, they become enthralled by his stories of adventure, including a story in which he claims to have known Aunt Edie. Anne, however, is not sold on Jack’s stories; while the locals of Blue Hill have taken a liking to him, Anne embarks on an investigation to see just how much she can trust this stranger. Meanwhile, Ben and Ryan go searching for gold in the local creek after listening to Jack’s adventures. Can they find anything to help their classmate who was recently diagnosed with leukemia? Find out in another heartwarming tale from Emily Thomas!


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About The Book

When a powerful storm blows through Blue Hill, Anne’s children are rescued by a drifter named Jack Kendall. Anne doesn’t want this stranger near her children, but they immediately grow attached to him, enthralled by stories of his adventures. Jack claims to have known Aunt Edie, but Anne finds his stories too outrageous to be true. As Jack works his way into the hearts of Blue Hill’s residents, she tries to figure out what he wants—and if he can be trusted.

Meanwhile, Ben and Ryan are determined to help raise money for their classmate Caden who has leukemia. His family needs help paying the medical bills, and the whole town rallies around them. Inspired by Jack’s tales of prospecting in Alaska, the boys begin searching the creek behind the library for gold. Soon they have a large collection of rocks flecked with shiny metal. Could they really have struck it rich?

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