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The Christmas Key – Secrets of the Blue Hill Library – Book 5


When Anne finds a mysterious key in Aunt Edie’s belongings, she discovers that it belongs to a cubby in the local church; inside the compartment is a beautiful sapphire ring! Is the ring Edie’s, and if so, why is the reverend acting suspiciously when Anne questions him about it? As she investigates, she realizes that there is a significant amount of her great-aunt’s history that is still shrouded in mystery. Meanwhile, can Anne and her family save the church’s Christmas production when plans go awry? Read to find out in this stirring exploit from the beautiful town of Blue Hill!


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About The Christmas Key

Anne is busy preparing for Christmas when she finds a delicate key among Aunt Edie’s holiday decorations. Anne soon discovers that the key unlocks a cubby in the church’s Advent cabinet, which contains a beautiful sapphire ring. Did the ring belong to her recently deceased great-aunt? If so, why was it locked away and not among Aunt Edie’s jewelry? And why is Reverend Tom tight-lipped when Anne asks him about it? Her search for the truth uncovers new revelations about her beloved great-aunt and a trail of secrecy and intrigue that stretches from cozy Blue Hill to Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, Anne is delighted when Ben and Liddie agree to participate in the church’s annual Christmas play, but the production is in jeopardy when costumes go missing and the director becomes ill. Can they overcome the obstacles to ensure that the show goes on?

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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 284 pages

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