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Guideposts has recently been entrusted with a very large collection of audio and video recordings of Dr. Peale taped over the many decades he served as a pastor and minister to millions. These include recordings of many of his sermons at Marble Collegiate Church.

This historical collection is predominantly recorded on outdated audio and video formats that can no longer be supported or played without special equipment.  As such, we cannot make these recordings available to the Guideposts community.  To listen to or view these recordings they need to be converted to a digital format and safely preserved, so that we can keep the message of positive living and faith alive for all in need.

Our goal is to digitize these many decades of Dr. Peale’s audios and videos and preserve them in an accessible format in Guideposts’ digital library. This will enable us to share them with our many audiences throughout all our content and outreach.

Digitizing all this media is a huge undertaking, in both time and cost. But the result is priceless, as we are able to share these timeless messages from Dr. Peale.


Norman Vincent Peale authored 46 books, including one of the bestselling books of all time, The Power of Positive Thinking. He was a motivational speaker on countless platforms and founder and publisher of the world’s leading inspirational magazine, Guideposts. Dr. Peale was also the co-founder of the first school for pastoral psychology, The Blanton-Peale Institute, and, for 52 years, the pastor of Marble Collegiate Church in New York City.

Dr. Peale gained a reputation as a dynamic pastor whose churches grew. In Syracuse, NY, he met and married Ruth Stafford Peale, his life partner for 63 years. They were the perfect complement, he energetic and creative, she organized and managerial.

In 1940, Mrs. Peale organized the publishing of Dr. Peale’s sermons, which grew into the worldwide Peale Center for Christian Living in Pawling, NY that merged with the Guideposts organization in 1995.

Norman Vincent Peale circled the globe to an average of 100 business groups a year until he was 93, an estimated live audience of 20,000,000. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Ronald Reagan on March 26, 1984.

Although business tycoons, kings and politicians sought him out, he never lost his basic humble shyness. He was not interested in the mass audience, he wanted to help each solitary individual who was overwhelmed by life. He helped them by giving what one parishioner called a message which he made ever fresh:  the power of Jesus Christ to work in ordinary lives.

Dr. Peale’s timeless messages continue to encourage and give hope to millions around the world.

Please click below to watch or listen to one of
Dr. Peale’s powerful sermons!


Audio: How to Use the Power of Prayer


Video:  You Have A Chance Of A Lifetime Sermon



Please click below to listen to Edward Grinnan,
Editor-in-Chief’s first meeting with Dr. Peale.

Audio: Edward Grinnan’s first meeting with Dr. Peale

Please click below to watch John Temple, President and CEO
from inside the Peale Museum.

Video:  Join John Temple as he showcases the Peale Ministry



Your gift today will preserve Dr. Peale’s positive messages 
and bring hope to future generations!

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