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A Lode of Secrets – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 5


When a skeleton is discovered in a nearby mine, it reignites an old mystery about a rumored murder. Sadie and her granddaughter, Sara, are eager to help a film crew shoot a movie about the murder. But when a saboteur threatens to damage the production, it becomes clear that someone is trying to keep something hidden. Is the saboteur related to the rumored murder in some way? Can Sadie and the community of Silver Peak solve the two mysteries before someone is put in harm’s way? 


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About The Book A Lode of Secrets– Book 5

Sadie Speers has been asked to act as a historical consultant for a TV series called American Treasure Chest. They’re examining the story of a star-crossed love affair involving a prominent mining family that ended in a rumored murder more than fifty years ago. Along with the arrival of the film crew, a recently discovered skeleton in a nearby mine revives the old mystery and the town is abuzz with speculation. Sadie’s granddaughter, Sara, joins her as she works on the film and even takes a role as an extra. But when a string of strange events threatens to sabotage the production, it appears someone doesn’t want Sadie or the film crew digging into the story. Who’s behind the sabotage? Why is someone so afraid of the truth getting out?

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Author: Carole Jefferson

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