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Silver Surprise – Mysteries of Silver Peak – Book 3


Sadie’s grandson, Theo, finds an old journal at a Denver yard sale and brings it to his grandmother to have it appraised. However, the book’s arrival in Silver Peak unexpectedly stirs up old conspiracy theories and memories of hard times when the local bank was robbed. This brings into question — after decades of quiet — whether James, the mayor, and his family are reliable. James’s reputation has never been hurt prior to this controversy, but he sees the robbery as a stain on his family history… a stain that may now wrongly ruin him if Sadie fails to uncover the truth.


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About the Book
When Sadie Speers’s grandson, Theo, finds an old ledger at a yard sale in Denver, he eagerly shows it to her. Oddly, the book contains diary entries, not numbers. It seems to hold clues to an unsolved Silver Peak bank robbery that implicated the father of James Morgan, the current bank president and Edwin Marshall’s opponent for the mayoral race. Theo tells his friends about the book, inadvertently renewing speculation about the scandal and threatening James’s chances in the election. Meanwhile, when someone begins sabotaging his campaign, rumors fly that Edwin is behind the mischief. Can Sadie piece together the clues to clear both men’s reputations?

About the Series
Everyone in Silver Peak, Colorado, knows Sadie Speers as the town’s unofficial historian. The Antique Mine, her well-stocked antique shop, is a favorite of both locals and visitors alike in this historic mining town. Silver Peak’s past is full of mysteries, and no one is better at solving them than Sadie.

Book Details
Hardcover, 288 pages
Author: Vera Dodge

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