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A Code of Honor – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 7


When Sadie plans on selling a few items from the Campfire Chapel’s attic in order to offset costs for her pen pal’s damaged church roof, Sadie discovers that her congregation isn’t as willing to allocate the funds as she thought. However, just as the debate heats up, the funds are stolen! Sadie’s quest to recover the money leads her to many interesting revelations, including a period during the Civil Rights movement when faith was more important than ever.


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About The Book A Code of Honor– Book 7

The timing is perfect. Just when Sadie Speers learns that her pen pal Donelle’s church roof has collapsed, she comes across a stash of antiques in Campfire Chapel’s attic. Among the valuables are a gorgeous old leather Bible, notated with a series of cryptic markings, with a signed vintage menu from a Memphis, Tennessee, diner tucked inside. Sadie immediately sees the potential for selling the items to help her friend’s struggling Appalachian church. But when she tries to convince the congregation to allow her to do so, dissent among members breaks out about how the money should be used—which becomes a moot point when it is stolen.

As Sadie tries to recover the funds, she examines the old Bible more closely and becomes convinced that the markings hide an important message. But the coded text raises more questions than answers. Who owned the Bible? And how did it connect Silver Peak to Memphis at a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement?

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Author: Carole Jefferson

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