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The Restoration Project – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 12


Someone has been sneaking into Roscoe and Roz’s hardware store, Putnam & Sons, after hours! However, only a few tools are missing, in addition to Roscoe’s vintage chess set. Could an old Silver Peak family be behind the mischief? Sadie’s investigation leads her to the notorious past of Silver Peak, including bootleggers and the infamous Mountain Mafia. Meanwhile, Marge Ruxton asks Sadie to restore an antique bedroom set for her, but continually shortens the deadline for its completion. As Marge begins threatening Sadie to rush the project, Sadie must conduct some strategic sleuthing before their relationship is damaged forever. 


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About The Book

When Sadie Speers meets Roscoe and Roz at their hardware store, Putnam & Sons, the three are shocked to discover a set of muddy footprints inside the shop that have no apparent origin. There’s no sign of a break-in, though some tools are missing. But later, when Roscoe’s antique hand-carved chess set also vanishes, Sadie begins to wonder if the Solomons, an old Silver Peak family, might somehow be involved—especially when a young woman arrives in town to claim her inheritance of their historic home. But how are they entering the shop? And what is the connection between the business and the house? As Sadie delves into these questions, they lead her to the underbelly of the town’s past involving bootleggers, an unsolved murder, and Colorado’s notorious Mountain Mafia.

Meanwhile, Sadie is painstakingly restoring an antique bedroom set for her friend and sometime foil Marge Ruxton. But as Marge keeps shortening the deadline for its completion, her interactions with Sadie escalate to the level of a personal attack. Can Sadie uncover the cause of Marge’s behavior and bridge the widening distance between them?

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