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The Watcher – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 23


When Sadie’s friends, Ardis and Mabel Fleagle, purchase an old Victorian house with the intention of restoring it, they begin to receive mysterious letters describing their personal lives in staggering detail; each letter is signed by an unknown individual called “The Watcher.” Can Sadie track down the stalker to bring peace of mind to the Fleagles? What will she discover about the Fleagles’ house in the process? At the same time, Roz has become enamored by the idea of traveling the world in an RV. Will Sadie ever see her friend again, or will Roz take a leap of faith and leave her life in Silver Peak behind?


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About The Watcher

Sadie is excited for her friends Ardis and Mabel Fleagle, who have just purchased an amazing old “painted lady” Victorian house, with plans to restore it to its original glory. But almost immediately, mysterious letters signed by “The Watcher” begin arriving, describing the Fleagles’ every-day lives and personal interactions in eerie detail. As Sadie begins looking into the matter, she uncovers not only a web of deceit and intimidation, but also the checkered past of one of Silver Peak’s early leading citizen, who lived—and died—in the Fleagles’ house.

Meanwhile a visit with a high-school friend who has retired to a life of RV travel has Roz worrying that her bucket list of dream destinations has passed her by. When she begins looking to buy a motor home, Sadie can’t help but wonder: Will she lose her best friend to the siren song of the open road?

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