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The Counterfeit Caper – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 10


When Sadie discovers a stolen stash of counterfeit coins in a Steiff bear she won at an estate auction, she becomes the authority’s main suspect in a recent crime! Is someone intentionally trying to frame Sadie for the atrocity? And, more importantly, can Sadie clear her name while figuring out what her granddaughter, Sara, is hiding? As usual, there’s another exciting and cozy mystery in Silver Peak!


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About The Book

When Sadie places the winning bid on a Steiff bear at an estate auction, she is excited to add the beautiful old stuffed animal to her collection at the Antique Mine. But it soon becomes clear that the bear brings nothing but trouble. The vintage teddy isn’t as innocent as it seems, for tucked within it is a stash of valuable counterfeit coins, stolen from a local collector. Sadie, who was the last person to have seen the bear, is the authorities’ prime suspect. Meanwhile, when her granddaughter, Sara, comes to stay with her, she seems to be hiding something. As Sadie tries to get to the bottom of Sara’s unusually furtive, evasive behavior, she races the clock to clear her name. Who stole the coins? Why would they hide collectible fake coins in a teddy bear? And why are they trying to frame her for the crime?

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